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5 Free Backlinks Checker Tools That You Would Want to Check

The backlink is a great SEO’s ranking factor all the time. It’s hard to get expected conversation while it needs to have the top position on search results.

Behind the keyword ranking and beating competitors, there is not only important to having quality contents but also needs to have high-quality backlinks pointing to the pages.

As an SEO’er, we know about different terms of backlinks.

  • Relevant quality backlinks
  • Spamming links
  • Dofollow backlinks
  • Nofollow backlinks

But according to the ranking point, high-quality backlinks can give winning results in search engine ranking race. There are a lot of factors that help to determine whether the quality of the backlinks good or bad. You can read this post to know more about it.

By the way, In today’s post, I will talk about another important topic behind the backlinks analysis section. If you want to dive in a website’s backlinks and trying to know what actually the backlinks strategy, how many backlinks are created, dofollow and nofollow ratio and most importantly the quality measurements.

All you need to have a tool that helps you to do the job very efficiently and quickly. That’s why, I have represented here the best 5 free backlinks checker tools, that you can save in your pocket bookmark for future use.

Note: There are three primary aspects of using a backlinks checker tool.

  1. To check your website’s backlinks
  2. For an in-depth audit on competitors backlinks profile
  3. Discover bad, low quality and irrelevant backlinks

5 Free Backlinks Checker Tools

  1. Free Backlink Analyzer – Neil Patel 
  2. Link Explorer – Moz
  3. Backlink Checker – Rank Watch
  4. Backlink Analysis Tool – Cognitive SEO
  5. Backlink Checker – SmallSEOTools

The Essence

You may get different types of backlinks data from each tool. Every tool is designed with different backlinks metrics and measure data from different aspects. 

So don’t worry about it! You should go with every analytics data and if possible to keeps checking the backlinks manually. It will give you a realtime concept about how the backlinks earn or build.