LSI Keyword – The Complete Guide

Last updated: March 30, 2017
LSI Keyword – The Complete Guide

What is LSI Keyword?

LSI Keyword stand for Latent Semantic Indexing. These are related keywords to the primary keyword. Sometimes Its called synonym keywords which indicate the same meaning. 

Benefits of using LSI Keywords

You might see that present search engine results are lot different than past. Search engine like Google updates their algorithms day to day to provide a compact search results among users. According to their inputs people are benefited from these accurate and relevant search results.

Do you know the secret of it? How this giant search engine google is still good at their search results?

Actually, Google focused on Semantic search engine based system. Latent Semantic Indexing(LSI) keywords are playing in a an intuitive role in this area.

Google can easily understand the content topic or the primary keyword when someone use LSI keyword in their contents. LSI keyword can increase our content relevancy. Moreover it reduces the range of keyword density in your website and decrease chance of getting penalty. 

Reduce keyword density by using LSI keywords

Keyword density is a crucial factor for content optimization and now it’s more important to keep it optimal. Basically, 2-4% keyword density is considered good and many people still following this range.

keyword density

According to the past research, people didn’t follow the rule of keyword density and putting keywords aimlessly in their content. They used a bit of black hat method also. In the meantime Google announced hummingbird update, the whole empire of low quality content based websites lost their search engine rankings and got the ultimate penalty.

Then LSI keywords come up with a solution in this worse situation. When we keep one primary keyword and use some similar/related(LSI) keywords for a content, we don’t get bad impact from search engines. Because LSI keywords enhance our content topics and make it SEO friendly.

Long tail keywords Vs. LSI keywords

Long tail keywords may seem similar to LSI keywords. But there are some difference in this two terms. We can focus our content more deeply and broaden the topic by using LSI keywords. Besides, long tail keywords are the combination of 3-4 keywords. The main benefit of LTK is that these keywords are easier to rank on search engines.


  • Primary Keyword: laptop brands
  • Long Tail Keyword: best Laptop brands
  • LSI Keyword: most reliable laptop brands

Let’s see, in this three keywords both have “laptop brands”. LSI keywords explore the topic more deeply. In spite of having the related meaning of these keywords, Google considers these as different keywords.

Placement of LSI keywords for the higher ranking

LSI keywords should be placed with the basic keyword placement rules.

Most important thing is to know which keyword we need to give much priority. And we should use these keywords logically or can say with a cold blooded mind. Just follow the list below which will define you the best place to put your LSI keywords.

  • In title tag
  • In meta description
  • In header tags
  • In URL
  • In anchor text
  • In relevant image ALT tag
  • In the beginning of the content
  • In the last paragraph of content

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How to find LSI keywords easily?

There are many free and paid tools available for LSI keywords. LSI Graph is one of the most popular & FREE LSI keyword generators tool which designed by SEOPressor.

lsi graph keyword tool

It’s the simplest tool that we can use easily. First, we put root keyword in the box and hit generate. Then It will give us a lot of related keywords as similar as our primary keyword.

lsi keywords

Final Words

Lastly you should  be more conscious about over optimization while using LSI keywords in your contents. Also be aware of its negative impact like as keyword stuffing which would be the reason of getting penalty. Besides If you use these keywords in right way, your website ranking will improve quickly.

What do you follow to optimize your content? Please let me know about your opinion in the comment section.


    • Thank you Sadhan. I’m glad I could help. Google keyword planner is one of the best tools for keyword research. You can find thousand of similar keywords there. Moreover, it’s easy to get local keyword ideas and to create an effective keywords silo structure. If you any question, please let me know.


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