How to Increase Domain Authority – 7 Crucial Methods

Last updated: April 4, 2017
How to Increase Domain Authority

You might already be heard about domain authority (DA). The most common term that uses in SEO industry.

Have you noticed it that some websites web pages come on the top position in search results quickly? In general higher domain authority sites take in the first page of the search result because those sites are considered more important to search engines.

So by increasing domain authority, you can get a chance of higher ranking in search engine result. You may be seeking to know about how to improve domain authority, in here you’ll get the complete ways to boost your website domain authority. Before taking you the main point, I’d prefer to say something more about domain authority.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority (ranging from 0-100) is a metric of Moz that use in open site explorer tool. It’s calculated by merging with some other metrics like page authority, mozRank, mozTrust etc. Furthermore, it also depends on some other factors like social signal, total backlinks (Dofollow) pointing to your site, user experience, traffics, conversation rate, site loading speed, content quality etc.

It’s noted that this crucial factor also influences search engine rankings.  If your website domain authority is higher than 35, then It is considered as an authority site to search engine and start to getting more value both from search engines and people. This metric is updated in every month when Mozscope index is updated.

Domain Authority Vs Page Authority

Page authority is entirely different metrics from domain authority. It scores can be different across subdomains and pages. However, It definitely carries more weight of a website. Where Domain authority refers the whole site score, and It’s much stronger than page authority.  You might notice that higher domain authorities sites take the top position while page authority is not more.

How to Increase Domain Authority?

1. Backlinks from Authority Websites

You might already know, link building is a powerful way to elevate your rank on search engines. Where earning quality backlinks from authority sites are more efficient way to boost your website domain authority. On the contrary, content and link quality are the first weapon to improve your domain authority as well as ranking and organics traffics. You may be interested in following the guides to earn authority backlinks.

2. Write Quality Contents

Quality content is always a super way to improve your website rank in search engines. Google Panda & Penguin updates killed a lot of low-quality content pages from their SERP results. That’s why quality content is the crucial fact to gain the best place in search engine result. You might think about, how is it related to domain authority? When you write high-quality content, people start to linking it to their own sites and share their own networks. And that will make a positive sign of your brand to people and search engine as well.

Write Quality Content
Always write quality content

However, I suggest you follow some other metrics to make your content powerful and increase quality.  Here some ways you can follow up:

  • Avoid Duplicate content
  • Write fresh and user-friendly content
  • Choose right keywords
  • Proper title and meta description
  • Don’t practice keyword stuffing into your content
  • Make a plan for Internal and external linking to a content (Don’t over it)
  • Use relevant content to guide users
  • Always make the content informative and add some value
  • Write up something new to a content to teach readers
  • Don’t make mistakes in grammar and spelling

3. Do Proper Content Marketing

Creating quality content don’t make your job done! Proper content marketing can make your efforts successful and can drive the result you are expected. And then how does it important?

content marketing
Do proper content marketing

Think it, the more your quality content will reach to your targeted audience, the more you can get more social sharing result, linking back pointing to your content and increase your website traffics as well. Even it’ll rapidly increase your website authority. And that’s all you can earn by right content marketing practices.

4. Make Well Planned Internal Linking Structure

Internal linking is the vital part of your evergreen SEO strategy. When you create vast contents, you can improve those contents structure more better by effective interlinking structure.

Internal linking Structure SEO
Internal linking structure example

Every internal linking can guide your readers and explore more related topics. But beware you don’t internal links too many posts with a single article. Keep a balance in using external and internal links. If you do it with right way, It’ll improve your website domain authority. Here some benefits on proper internal linking:

  • Internal linking carries better Indexing result
  • Reduce bounce rate and increase conversation rate
  • Pass link juice one page to another
  • Increase SERP result
  • Make good user experience

You might want to know, how to do internal linking for better SEO result? Follow the below guidelines which will fulfill your needs.

5. User-Friendly Website

Without quality visitors, you can’t think anything. Your first and foremost duty to make your website for user-friendly and optimized website structure right way by following  SEO guidelines. When people advocate your website in the relevant industry, you’ll start getting value from them and gradually your domain authority will be increased. That’s why you always follow the best way to improve your website visibility in search engine and user experience as well. There are many SEO aspects, you need to follow. Take some time to read out the resources below.

6. Quality Link-Building

Links have a massive impact on domain authority. Where your effective link building strategies carry that out. By creating relevant and quality backlinks can improve your domain authority score and search engine ranking as well. But how to build quality backlinks? The most common question asked by many SEO professionals. After Penguin update, a lot of changes came out on link building strategy. Some practices had gone to the spamming basket. And even still It’s changing.

Quality Link Building
Natural Link Building

That’s why you must keep you updated with Google algorithm FREE link-building practices. You will find a lot of effective ways to create high-quality backlinks by following the below resources.

7. Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization(SMO) is considered one of the best practice for raising up a site’s performance on social media.  It makes a site more highly visible to social media searches as well. Whereas social media optimization helps you to bring out your contents reach more audience and increase the authority of your articles. You can go with paid advertisement to reach out more people and improvement the engagement. Here the below 11 rules you can follow to make your social media optimization efforts successful.

  • Killer headlines
  • Quality content
  • Stay up-to-date
  • Optimize social media profiles
  • Add call to action(CTA)
  • Use attractive images
  • Don’t forget to reach out more people by using hashtag & mention option
  • Add Social Sharing Option
  • Social Sign in
  • Social Widgets
  • Social Commenting

How to Check Domain Authority?

You can easily check your domain authority and page authority score by using MOZ official toolbar.  I personally recommend you to install this toolbar (Available both in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers) in order to get significant information about domain authority, page authority, on page element analysis, highlighting link type(Nofollow, Dofollow, External and Internal) and much more.

How to check domain authority
Ways to check domain authority of a website

Alternatively, you can also get more details data on Opensiteexplorer(OSE).

What strategies do you follow for increasing domain authority? Please let me know your thoughts through the comment section.



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