The Essential and Advanced SEO Checklist 2016 [Infographic]

SEO checklist 2016

SEO is the key consideration to achieve the success of your online business. It helps you to improve your website brand’s visibility on the search engine, easier to reach potential customers, bring more traffics and more sales. But if you don’t follow the right seo strategy, you will not reach the target of yours. So what key aspect of SEO should you focus on?

Leapfroggr created a fantastic SEO checklist which explains everything by a single infographic.

10 Awesome FREE Long Tail Keyword Generator Tools

long tail keyword

Do you know on which things your website SEO strategy is fully dependent? We all know content is king but keyword is another. A best keyword will help you to rise your website from the bottom to top in search engine results. Firstly you need to know which type of keywords you want to rank. Depending on the recent research, long tail keywords perfroms much better than low competition based keywords.

Now you need a long keyword research tool. You know many tools are coming with a high price tag. But don’t worry, I’ve come up with a solution which brings to you a complete list of top 10 most valuable long tail keyword research tools. And these tools will lead you to generate hundred of long tail keywords in seconds.

How to Increase Domain Authority – 7 Crucial Methods

How to increase domain authority

You might already heard about domain authority (DA). The most common term that uses in SEO industry.

Have you noticed it that some websites web pages come on the top position in search results quickly? In general higher domain authority sites take in first page of search result because those sites are considered more important to search engines.

So by increasing domain authority, you can get  a chance of higher ranking in search engine result. You may seeking to know about how to improve domain authority, in here you’ll get the complete ways to boost your website domain authority. Before taking you the main point, I’d prefer to say something more about domain authority.

How to Improve Your Website Ranking on Google – SEO Quick Guide

Improve your website ranking on Google

Google’s search engine is one of the most superior search engine to us. The majority of traffics of a website comes from search engines where Google’s search percentage is 78%. (Source: Internetlivestats)

We already know that Google and other search engines are constantly improving to provide the better results to people. That’s why they’re utilizing various algorithm updates regularly to make their search engine results more effective which helps to showing up relevant and exact search results which searchers seeking for.

9 Best Paid And Free Backlinks Checker Tools Save Your Time

Best Backlinks Checker Tools

Backlinks Checker Tools: The Complete Checklist

Backlinks can improve your search engine ranking and can also kill your website! Because every backlinks are not good at all. Relevancy, high authority and quality backlinks are the main fact. Read here about killer tips to build high quality backlinks which will give you a better concept of backlinks building of your website with your link building strategy. BTW are you looking to find out the best backlinks checker tools? Here you get the complete list of the best backlinks checker tools both free and paid purposes.